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GOLD CUVEE Sparkling 22 Carat Gold

Winkelprijs: €79.00


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GOLD CUVEE Sparkling 22 Carat Gold
€ 79.00
10 seconden
Begin veiling:
2019-11-19 20:44:00
Einde veiling ten laatste op:
2020-02-19 20:44:00
€ 8.00
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When Gold meets sparkling…
The Gold Flakes: a jewel for well-being
Gold has for centuries been considered to be the ultimate romantic luxury and one of the most precious metals; women want it, men love to give it.
Our Gold Spirits range contains real, edible 22 carat gold flakes. Not just safe to eat, gold is actually considered by many to have positive health benefits and has been used for centuries in both eastern and western medicines to treat a variety of ailments. Used since the XV century for improving mental capacity, regenerating deficient organs, Gold is currently prescribed for multiple nervous disorders. Some people even say it is an aphrodisiac.
Later in the 19th century, world well-known spas such as Baden-Baden added gold to their famous waters. As a mark of wealth and importance, gold was widely used in both food and drink, to serve the finest dishes at the best tables in the world.
The ultimate meeting between two worlds
Gold is a symbol of extreme sophistication and particularly appreciated by the upmarket jewellery. Sparkling wine and sparkling vodka have an excellent reputation and are recognised worldwide as ultimate drinks for any striking celebration.
When Gold flakes meet Sparkling, the absolute symbol of luxury is created. offers the opportunity to live a unique experience: Drink a stunning and drink enhanced by luxurious Gold Flakes.
A combination of top quality sparkling wine and vodka, and real gold, takes celebratory fizz to a whole new level! Whilst the gold flakes add a unique visual element, this is no gimmicky fly by night - the sparkling itself can hold its own in the most exalted company. creates the most sophisticated and elegant drinks for all celebrations!
The Perfect gift
For all the celebrations…
Wedding, birthday, anniversary, parties, thank you, Valentine’s Day… Gold cuvee adds a certain frisson to special events. For any occasion and where sparkle and fun are required, Gold Cuvee brings a bubbly and elegant touch.
A particularly popular choice for weddings, Gold Cuvee is glamour in a bottle, each one packed with gold flakes and bursting with style. Each order can be produced with your own label design, adding a truly personal touch to your wedding celebration.
Gold Cuvee adds a certain frisson to special events. For any occasion where champagne would be the usual choice, try Gold Cuvee instead for the ultimate golden moment.
Personalise your celebration
Gold Cuvee is the ultimate way to celebrate and, to make the occasion unique, each bottle can be personalised with its own special message, handwritten directly onto the bottle. For corporate events and large celebrations, Gold Cuvee can also be produced with unique personalised labels, acting as a lasting memento of weddings, christenings and other special days.