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3D Virtual Reality video glasses

Winkelprijs: €799.00


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3D Virtual Reality video glasses
€ 799.00
15 seconden
Begin veiling:
2019-08-25 19:00:00
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2019-11-25 19:00:00
€ 8.50
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cinemizer® OLED

The new 3D Virtual Reality video glasses

The new cinemizer OLED virtual reality video glasses from Carl Zeiss combine three-dimensional movie enjoyment with brilliant image quality and outstanding stereo sound. The cinemizer OLED 3D glasses project a 40” image in the glasses,  creating a movie-theater atmosphere. Immerse yourself in a fantastic new world – wherever you are! The high-contrast OLED display as well as the light weight of the glasses ensure optimal comfort and wearability and enable  individual adjustment to suit the user’s visual needs.

The outstanding design of the cinemizer OLED allows you to experience all that your virtual world has to offer: at home or on the road, at work or at play, and for a wide range of applications.


Experience your favorite game as never before – thanks to the unique 3D technology.

The cinemizer OLED Virtual Reality Video Glasses take gaming to a new level. Whether connected to a PC, XBox, PS3 or a smartphone with the Android or iOS operating system, you’ll forget the world around you, immerse yourself in a game and experience the feeling of being "at the center of the action". Thanks to the spatial display of games in stereoscopic 3D  on a 40-inch image in the glasses, you’ll enjoy a very intense gaming experience. This can be enhanced through the use of a head tracker, which uses natural head movements to enable you to interactively look all around during a game.

Immersive Learning in 3D

Intensive and effective learning through 3D display of the content and isolation from external disruptive factors.

Wearers of cinemizer OLED multimedia video glasses are isolated from their surroundings and can fully concentrate on the content shown on the glasses.

It has now been proven that subject matter viewed in 3D increases the learning effect and has a positive influence on long-term memory. The ability of users (e.g. students) to interactively deal with the subject also enhances the learning effect. A controller or joystick, for example, makes it possible to fly through the inner ear and select specific anatomical parts to obtain more information about them. "Learning by doing" just took on a whole new meaning.

CAD Visualization

Virtual tours of three-dimensional objects

Modern products are developed using 3D drawing programs. As a result, this data is automatically available for further use.

For example, manufacturers of prefabricated houses can use additional software to transform their virtual houses from the CAD model (computer-aided design) into photo-realistic environments with backyards, trees, plants and realistic interior decorations, etc. Furthermore, the CAD data is transferred to a stereoscopic 3D model to generate a spatial display with depth impression for the viewer. This creates an impression and feeling of being in the center of this virtual world, allowing future homeowners to get an idea of their future dwelling right in the planning phase. Changes can be implemented in real time, thus eliminating unexpected costs due to modifications.

2D and 3D Viewfinder

Action! Regardless of the lighting conditions, with the cinemizer OLED you immediately see everything as recorded by your 3D camera.

Be it a digital SLR or 3D camcorder, the cinemizer OLED transforms into a universal electronic viewfinder that displays good image and video material in any light. The first time it is used, the cinemizer OLED becomes a valued, essential companion.


cinemizer OLED as a viewfinder on a DSLR camera

The cinemizer OLED can be connected to a DSLR camera via a digital HDMI or analog video interface to transform it into an electronic viewfinder. This allows you to assess the quality of an image anytime, anywhere and make changes to the camera settings – also via remote control.

Blocking out ambient light enables you to view an image in the mobile glasses without being blinded by sunlight. Spectacular images from entirely new perspectives are created without forcing you into uncomfortable positions. For example, a camera can be mounted to a telescope arm to capture professional and spectacular images from a bird's eye view.


cinemizer OLED as a viewfinder on a 3D camcorder

The cinemizer OLED can be connected to a 3D camcorder via a digital HDMI interface to transform it into a 3D viewfinder. Cameramen need to have the opportunity to assess the quality of a video in any light. A glance at the viewfinder monitor is not disturbed by ambient light.

3D quality can also be evaluated with the cinemizer OLED while recording, making it possible to modify camera and scene settings on site to record high-quality 3D movies. This leads to a considerable reduction of post-production costs.

Thanks to its low power consumption, the cinemizer OLED can also be used when power plugs are unavailable.

First Person View (FPV)

Do you like to fly? Take off with a personal view of the cockpit. The cinemizer OLED brings the dream of flight one step closer.

FPV makes it possible to equip model planes and helicopters with a camera that transmits video signals to a base station. Connected to this base station, the mobile cinemizer multimedia video glasses gives the wearer a feeling of sitting in the cockpit. The low power consumption of the OLED display and the integrated battery enable several hours of flying fun.

FPV can also be used in many professional applications, e.g. hard-to-reach objects can be observed with a remote-controlled aircraft. An appropriately equipped helicopter enables a fire department to quickly gain an overview of the situation and make the correct decisions as quickly as possible.